Refrigerated Transport

We provide our customers with a guarantee of on time deliveries for all produce, seafood, and meat transport. We understand that everything fresh or frozen has a shelf life and we ensure our customers that they can have a peace of mind knowing their products will always be on time.

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Dry & Power Only

We also specialize in all types of dry and power only freight. From Medical supplies, to US Mail, Agricultural supplies, non-hazmat chemicals, dry foods, and many other dry product transport. We do nationwide power only projects as well. So contact us for more information.

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Cargo Express

The word cargo refers in particular to goods or produce being conveyed generally for commercial gain by ship, boat, or aircraft, although the term is now often extended to cover all types of freight, including that carried by train, van, truck, or container.

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Why Choose Us?Reasons to choose us as your freight partner

Broker Satisfaction Guaranteed

We strive to provide around the clock updates on loads in transit. We also aim to maintain relationships with the customers & brokers we do business with and are dedicated to providing you with the service that isn’t only efficient and dependable but also economical.

Management & Reporting

Globex Transport Inc. currently uses one of the most up to date  TMS softwares that is able to provide our customers with reporting and management tools helping us do more business together by giving you the peace of mind about the loads and product in transit.

Freight Documention Management

Upon pick and deliveries all drivers are required to maintain upmost security of all documentation. Upon deliveries all invoices and BOL’s/POD’s are sent over within 24-48 hours to help you make your payments on time which helps you maintain higher credit scores in the industry.

Compliance Guarantee

Globex Transport, Inc. maintains some of the industries lowest safety scores which keeps our trucks running more and means less time spent being stopped at Weight Stations. Which means that our product always get deliveries on time and without any delays. All equipment is maintained to the highest standards which also means less breakdowns.

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